Children’s Ministry

child safety documents

At Grace Church the safety of the children who are entrusted to our care is of the utmost importance. Our spaces were intentionally designed to be transparent and our team has skillfully developed an in-depth set of guiding principles to insure that, while these precious ones are with us, they are safe and secure as we teach them about our amazing God.

2021-2022 Curriculum Documents

Each year, a group of our Grace Church volunteers prays and works together to create a unique curriculum that will teach our kids the truth of Scripture and the work of the local church. In October, we’ll launch our new curriculum entitled “The Story of Grace.”

If you’re interested in learning more about our Children’s Ministry or you just want to get a closer look at the programming documents that we’ve created, please e-mail Ryan, our Children’s Ministry director, at and he can help you with whatever you need.

Scope & Sequence

The Scope and Sequence document is a “Bird’s Eye” overview designed to provide a breakdown of the Units, as well as the individual weeks within each unit.

Scope & Sequence: Lil Church-five6

Scope & Sequence: Babies, Ones & Totz Church

Curriculum: Lil Church-five6

This is the complete set of documents for “To the Ends of the Earth” curriculum for 3 year-olds (Totz Church) – 5th and 6th graders (Five6).

Curriculum: Babies, Ones & Totz

For the babies and one-year-olds, we teach them a simple lesson each week that is consistent with the lessons being taught in the older age groups.

Unit Documents

Ambassador Stage 1 (Oct. 3)

Loved (Oct. 10 – Nov. 7)

Saved (Nov. 14 – Dec. 5)

Healed (Dec. 12 – Jan. 9)

2021-2022 Curriculum Artwork

If you need graphical assistance, please email Alex with the necessary information.