Learn more about the people of Grace with one of these connection opportunities.



Community Groups are a great way to build some new relationships with others in the church. Both Men’s and Women’s groups meet at different times throughout the week. The focus is primarily on getting to know each other more deeply, while also gaining a fresh perspective for growing in our walk with God.

Heartbeat of Grace

The Heartbeat of Grace is a 4-week membership class designed to accelerate integration into Grace Church “Body Life.” It’s a crucial stepping stone for both new members and those who have been connected at Grace for a long time.

The Heartbeat of Grace offers a deeper look into the heart of our ministry and what it means to be a member. Through this class you will learn more about our Core Beliefs, our history, and the Membership Process.

The class usually meets on an evening during the week or in a longer “all in one” session on Saturday mornings. If you’d like more information, please email: and let him know!